Saturday, December 11, 2010

Play to be a good Venusian...will i?

In the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" ...i learned dat man cope wit problems in different way than woman does.i learned dat woman and man tend to and most likely "does" intepret each other words to a totally different meaning. i also learned that i shud give "time" and "space" for him to "breathe". this is my biggest weakness. i jus cannot accept the fact dat he loves to see me happy wit my own life when he's not around. wat i had in my mind is dat i could be and actually real happy just when he's around. i just cant separate him apart from whatever i do everyday..kind of obsess right??heheh..well, dis is me (wat u expect??..hehe)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....honestly,,,im not happy dat im too obsessed to him..dat's no good..for some reasons, definitely..

He is "man dat goes wit da flow" heart just like suddely STOP beating, and broke to pieces whenever he said dat..i guess..and definitely sure every woman would feels da same when someone we love (so much) honestly said that he jus go wot da flow..if i want to flow his flow, than our relationship is safe, if im about to follow my own "flow",then, he would jus go wit his own. doesnt me got some meaning to him??not even a bit?

i donno wat others will do if they faced same thing, but till now..i choose to follow his "flow". i just donno.even its broke my heart, but somehow..i still have some hope to my relationship.deep down me, i still believe in him.i can feel a kind, honest, loving person in him. these hold me to stay wit him no matter how harsh his words, no matter how im upset wit his "girlfrens". i know that i cant expect him to be or to act the same way as i a person dat loves something for just one only.i like da same brand for my perfume, my clothes, my fav. movie,my handphone..i jus need one of everything.i dont need two. for me, if we had something more than 1, we tend to not appreciate them as much as if we jus had it one. and for dat, im comfortable wit jus one YOU. not interested to build some interest in other men. and again, i am aware dat my mike are not like this.and this upset me..(once again,,wat do i expect???)hehehe

hmmmmmmmmmm...i donno how to talk about this again. everytim i tried to discuss wit him, we will end up fighting and he would jus ignored me, fed up, and start to be so "cold" to me.sometimes i feels like im not da one he seems like his frens win, and im lose. jus like friend is more important to him than him really doesnt need me?anymore?

after i read da book, i always tried to give him his own space, try to accept dat he likes to have girl frens and im always trying. honestly, it's real hard.yup,..indeed. till now..i still cant feel good, or at least feels nothing when i read about "gedik2" comments from his girl frens. i am HURT. yes. HURT everytim. i would not do like that to him.but he did it.because dat is HIM, ..wat else shud i expect??dont u remember dat i got a soft-tender heart?

i really hope dat i do mean something to him..and please tell me dat i am. Try to be a good Martian, will you??

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where is WOMBAT??

im in KL, and you r in somewhere in NSW..wombat where it is??is it so isolated and remote n my msg wasnt delivered to you...huhuhu..

yummy cherries...

hmm..i kind of missing "you" last message wasnt delivered to u..thats y i choose to write and message wit my frens so i wont be sad. He was arrived to WOMBAT this evening, i guess..and i donno where it is..i jus knoe is about 3-4hrs from NSW city and the telecom line not soo gud there.hope he safe and enjoy wit his frens..they actually go there for cherry picking. I was da one who asked him to join it. If not,he would be alone in NSW,witout doin nothing..thats make me more worry bout him...i hope you safe and back "in a piece" to sydney..see u in a month.. i have promised dat i'll be OK..
Wombat, take gud care of him..n his frens ..k..

trip to CH-Cameron Highland

it was on 30th of october,2010..hehe..bout a month ago. really love da cold-windy weather there.n its 'charming' strawberriess, beautiful-peace tea farm (but road to BOH tea farm is really small and dangerous..quite scarry.and i was REAL nervous walking up to the BOH tea centre)..n da flowers are blooming everywhere (especially roses..huhu..i want to see it everyday,wish to hav a garden full of roses..=)),even the normal small grass flower in my place growth so big and "healthy" there, and one more thing.the mornin glory..which shud be "glory" during mornin, is blooming and 'glory' from morning to gudness.wish i were born there.hahaa..but surely certainly want to go back there one day..wit "you" and his d90.its gonna be awesome with cool pictures right??hmm..when we were there,we stayed an apartment,da owner is so kind to offer lower price for us.actually he is da father of my sister's,dats y we got "discount"..hhehe..its really comfortable to be in his apartment.wish i can buy a apartment at CH too..heeheh..too many wishes la cik ilani kn...??hahaha..myb its can be consider in my retirement plan...hakahakahk.em..btw..i luv the name 'CH"..hehe..till we meet again..i luv CH.