Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomorrow..tomorrow and tomorrow

Another 5 days and i'll be completely becoming a two months-jobless-girl~sounds dats my hope is getting fade away..i dont know it real dat my destiny is not to be an engineer??huhh~~dats is out of my control,none of my plan is working well..know i start to love to be back in class once again..this monday im going to send an application for fellowship.with dat, im going to be a lecturer in ump,and im able to continue my dream to hav a master degree at unsw...and now i keep my hope once again on it..Allah..if that is my destiny..pls make it easy for me,,make all the application processes going smoothly..hopefully,insyAllah..

last few days, i heard a speech by Oprah Winfrey on a video in Youtube..the speech was very good..very inspiring..she did said that "if you not comfortable with something..not really love to do something..than dont settle yet..find what u really want in your life"..and i realized that all i want is dat i want to inspire people..i want to help them to live a better life and have a better hope for their future..but how im going to do that?????i dont think dat im able to do dis if i choose to be an engineer..still,,dun know~