Tuesday, January 18, 2011


.........i understand one thing tonite:

Need really to luv myself more than i could love others.

all these while, i loves some one more than myself.everything i do,everywhere i go, i jus hope im doing it, being there with you. for me..dat anything wit u is da best, happiest moments.u r in every of my plan.but i just realized, u not feel da same.

i still trust u and want to trust u, but reality is hurt.

please wake up, myself.he will not always be there and want to be there for you.

afterall, its between Allah and me.He never leave me. you are just a person, which i need to believe for 99% only. there's always 1% possiblity for you to just turn off.

i hate ur "dont-care" attitude.its killing us.

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